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We are a full-service tree care company offering prompt service and reasonable rates to commercial and residential clients throughout the greater metro east area. Call us for a free estimate if you need hazardous tree removal, branch trimming, or any other tree, shrub, or brush services.

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Expert Tree Care & Tree Trimming Services in Glen Carbon, Illinois

Mark’s Tree Trim & Removal Inc. has been providing expert tree care services in the Glen Carbon, IL area for over 30 years such as tree trimming, tree removal, and brush removal. Our qualified arborists have the necessary training and experience to ensure that your trees remain safe for many years to come. If you have a low-hanging branch that is endangering the protection of your home or a stump leftover from a tree removal service, our team will work quickly and efficiently to complete the task. You can rely on Mark’s tree care experts to keep your property maintained and free of any natural hazards all at an affordable cost. Call our Glen Carbon, IL shop today at (618) 977-8393 to learn more about the advantages of our tree care services.

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Mark’s Tree Trim and Removal Services

Tree Removal Glen Carbon, Illinois

Trees are among the most important landscaping elements on a property due to the clean oxygen they produce and the beautiful environment that benefits both humans and wildlife. If you notice that a tree on your property produces fungi, has thin leaves, brittle bark, and does not bloom throughout the season, our experts may suggest that it should be removed. If this is the case, you can depend on our Glen Carbon, IL’s arborists at Mark’s Tree Trim & Removal, Inc. We provide dependable tree removal services all year to keep your property safe and looking its best. Our company uses only the best equipment and procedures to safely remove any dying or rotting trees on your land. To schedule your next tree service, give us a call today.

Tree Trimming & Shaping Glen Carbon, Illinois

It’s important to provide an annual maintenance schedule for your tree’s limbs to keep them safe and strong for the harsh winters and summers that are notorious in the Midwest. Low-hanging and oddly formed branches are not only dangerous to your home and land, but they can detract curb appeal from your home in Glen Carbon, IL. Thankfully, Mark’s Tree Trim & Removal Inc. is here to help you with all of your tree trimming and shaping needs! Our tree trimming services will keep your limbs strong while also using our techniques and experience to create easier ways for your branches to grow. If you’re in need of professional tree trimming and shaping services from licensed arborists, call now!

Stump Grinding & Removal Glen Carbon, Illinois

Whether you’re planning to have one of your property’s trees removed or have already had one removed, there’s a good chance that a large and potentially dangerous tree stump may remain in your yard. If this is the case, contact Mark’s Tree Trim & Removal, Inc. in Glen Carbon, IL for experfect services on your next stump grinding and stump removal service. We use the most advanced equipment available to quickly remove and dispose of tree stumps, leaving your property tree-free. Our team is qualified and skilled to complete the job quickly and effectively to ensure that your property looks its best all year long. To find out which service is best for your home or company, call today for quality stump grinding and stump removal services.

We are your full-service tree company providing commercial and residential tree services to the Edwardsville area since 1990.

Shrub Trimming & Removal Glen Carbon, Illinois

If you are looking to landscape your home, there’s no doubt that shrubs, hedges, and bushes are the best options for your home in Glen Carbon, IL. However, when your shrubs become unruly, your home’s curb appeal suffers. For your home or business, Mark’s Tree Trim & Removal Inc. provides professional and affordable shrub trimming and shrub removal services. Similar to trees, shrubs and bushes benefit from daily trimming to encourage healthy branch growth and keep your property looking healthy and well-maintained. If the health of your shrubs begins to deteriorate, they will need to be removed to avoid further corrosion. When this happens, you can count on our arborists to securely and affordably remove your shrubs. For a free estimate on shrub trimming and removal, give us a call today.

Brush Removal Glen Carbon, Illinois

Do you have a lot of hanging trees, shriveled shrubs, and natural brush on your property? Although gardens and extensive landscaping can often result in stunning property designs, it is all too easy to neglect trees, flowers, bushes, and vines if they are not properly cared for. Brush removal and cleanup services are provided by Mark’s Tree Trim & Removal Inc. in Glen Carbon, IL for homes and businesses in the region. Our experienced arborists will dispose of everything from stray twigs and branches to leaves and other natural debris to fully restore your property. Don’t let your yard get overrun with unruly waste, call our staff today for premium brush removal services to keep your yard clean and safe.

Storm Damage Cleanup Glen Carbon, Illinois

Residing in the Midwest, we know that our clients are well aware of the region’s reputation for severe storms, especially in the spring and winter. During a hurricane, many homeowners focus on their cars and houses, but your trees and shrubs bear the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath. When this occurs, Mike’s Tree Trim & Removal in Glen Carbon, IL provides reliable yard cleanup services for storm-damaged homes and small businesses. Our arborists are here to assist you every step of the way, whether an entire tree needs to be removed or small branches have littered every inch of your yard. For a free estimate on your next storm cleanup or tree care job, give us a call right now.